How to avail Swiss credit for Germans.

31 Jan

Cream bank are known worldwide for their confidentiality and discretion. No wonder that many people can bunker there. Gladly past the German tax authorities, which is of course prohibited and is now being pursued. But the banks in Switzerland are not only ideal for storing money.

They also like to lend money. And this on attractive terms and framework conditions. Even a Swiss loan for Germans is possible and can be taken up with little effort. How this works and which paths have to be followed have been compiled here for you.

When a Swiss loan may become necessary for Germans

It is not always possible to take out a loan in Germany. Perhaps you too were rejected by the Best banks because you have a negative Credit bureau and are therefore not creditworthy. In such cases, going abroad is the only option for borrowing, since in Germany you would only be served if you could show a co-applicant.

If you do not want this, a Swiss loan can be a good alternative for Germans. Because the Credit bureau is not the focus there, but only the income and possibly other guarantees that can be requested depending on the amount of the loan.

What loan amounts are possible

What loan amounts are possible

With a Swiss loan for Germans, in many cases only small amounts of credit up to USD 5,000 can be taken out. In individual cases and with good collateral, larger sums may also be possible. Here it depends on the project for which the money is needed. You should always clarify this in a personal conversation with the bank.

This is how the Swiss loan for Germans can be taken out

This is how the Swiss loan for Germans can be taken out

A loan in Switzerland can be taken out either directly at the bank or on the Internet. You therefore do not need a credit intermediary or financial advisor to apply and can take action yourself. If you want a special loan with special terms, it is always better if you discuss all the details on site. In a personal conversation, everything can be clarified and set in motion faster. If you only want a simple small loan, then the route via the Internet is certainly the easier option.

Find out in advance which banks offer such a loan and which institution you want to work with. Interest rates and other conditions at banks are often similar, so you don’t have to worry about large deviations. Therefore, look for any fees and processing time when deciding on a provider.

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